Future Driver

Bakuonkai - VGM and chiptune party

Bakuonkai is a party for VGM and chiptune lovers. Play VGM and own original or arranged music. The speakers volume MUST set to full blast!

What people came to here

Let me introduce some DJs of all DJs for you will know who people playing. You want know more, please find there.

DJ Robokabuto: LSDj/Famicom chiptuner.
He use LSDj and Famicom with many extra carts (VRC7, N163 and etc).

DJ wani & DJ aki: FMP7 music composer.
He use mad amount of FM and PSG channels for own music.

DJ Wrockn: VGM player.
He play beep sound music at Bakuon party 8th. Beep is a most cheap sound hardware but it can give powerful music at party house with dynamic speakers.

DJ Tak: retro phone chiptuner.
He play music by real retro phone with FM synthesis chip and now he press the phone hard against to mic :D

DJ Masaoyaji & Nekoma: AC VGM player.
There is real arcade PCB. Enter option screen and play VGMs.

DJ Usapon: VGM player.
Many game developers are here. He is one of them. DJ Boy for Megadrive is coded by him.

DJ WING: Music transcriptionist.
Arrange many Yuzo Koshiro's original music for make playable data on real NEC PC-8801/PC-9801 computers with YM2608 sound card.

DJ Mt.Chocolate: VGM player with a custom Megadrive.
He is me. Add an original fine sound mod (use YAMAHA YMF276 sound chip) to the Megadrive and made an original player ROM for this party.

My original player cart for DJ WING

There is a ROM image: bakuon8.zip
This VGM is not ripped from original Megadrive carts. Not from ripped .vgm files. Use DJ WING's music transcription but it is quite accurate and just like original.

inserted by FC2 system