Future Driver

GGLCD - Clear LCD and VGA/TV output mod for GameGear

Will replace your dirty LCD with new one and add VGA/RGB outputs.
As of Feb. 2015, this product is not on sale yet but I got a prototype as tester from Norix.

What is good

  1. The both GG (160 * 144) and SMS (256 * 192) mode support
  2. Clear than original LCD
  3. Full screen
  4. 31kHz VGA for PC monitor
  5. 15kHz RGB for TV
  6. Batteries will last quite a long time

Without expectations

  1. Not supported PAL mode
  2. Not supported TV tuner
  3. No warranty and no liability


A FPGA chip located on the mainboard as LCD controller. GameGear has 4 bit digital color bus and the color format is RGB = 444 (4096 colors). So the FPGA receive color data form the bus and make signals for LCD and external analogue outputs.

How to build

Remove the LCD and the backlight tube and some parts of the backlight driver.
This GGLCD board is a prototype so might be not same as future released.

Wiring GGLCD board to GG main board.
Please care pad of the GG main board cames off very easy.

Check if GGLCD work properly.

Mount to GG chassis. The new LCD is lager than original LCD. You need to file off the plastic chassis.

Then tighten up screws and I will be finisihed :).... oops...

inserted by FC2 system